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Common Car Accident Misconceptions

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing where automobile accidents are concerned

The frequency and prevalence of traffic accidents make them an unfortunate but common element of everyday existence — and this type of familiarity can breed misinformation. Even if you have never personally been involved in a car accident, you almost certainly know someone who has. There are many rumors, myths and urban legends surrounding car accidents that often deter those with potentially valid personal injury cases from seeking the compensation they deserve.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in the state of Florida, make your legal decisions based on fact, not misconception. The injury attorneys at Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. can help.

Rear-end collisions

Most people believe that, in any rear-end collision, the driver who strikes the rear end of the car in front of them is at fault. And certainly, in most typical scenarios, where a driver rear-ends a car that has stopped for some reason, this is the case.

But there are some uncommon scenarios in which the other party may be at fault, such as:

  • If you rear-end a car that is unsafely backing down a street, or out of a driveway
  • If you rear-end a car that has just cut you off, or merged unsafely into traffic
  • If the front car slams on its brakes for no reason
  • If the driver in front exhibits road rage — which requires a third-party witness to confirm

One of our auto accident lawyers can analyze your particular collision case to help determine fault.

Other common misconceptions about car accidents

Many accident victims think they deserve compensation for their injuries — regardless of their severity. But every personal injury lawsuit is different, and settlement amounts vary greatly, from one case to the next.  And in many cases, you will not be compensated very quickly. An insurance company must first validate your claim through the proof of damage and injury.

Another common misconception surrounds the motor vehicle black box, which many people believe to be similar in functionality to an airplane black box. In reality, the black box in an automobile only records wheel speed, and is not foolproof.  Moreover, it is difficult to use in court, as there is no government regulation regarding the accuracy of these devices.

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers can set the record straight on many common accident misconceptions

At the Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firm of Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A., we treat every client we represent with the care, professionalism and attention to detail that they deserve. Contact our offices today, online or at (954) 463-0585, to arrange a free initial consultation.


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