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Fort Lauderdale Parking Lot Accident Attorneys Pursue Payment for Injured Parties

Florida firm brings claims against careless drivers and property owners

Whether you’re driving or walking, parking lots can be dangerous if there’s a negligent driver present. If you’ve been hurt and are looking for compensation from the party responsible for your injury, a Fort Lauderdale parking lot accident attorney at Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. can help. Serving Broward County and other South Florida locations, we take on negligent drivers, garage owners and other defendants so you can meet your financial needs while recovering from an injury incurred in a parking lot vehicle collision, pedestrian accident or fall.

Common causes of parking lot accidents in Broward County

There are numerous potential causes of parking lot accidents, including:

  • Backing up carelessly — When someone is backing out of their parking place, other vehicles or pedestrians could be coming from either direction and might be difficult to see, even with a rear-view camera.
  • Competing for a spot — Spaces can be tough to find in crowded parking lots at supermarkets, shopping malls, stadiums and other sites. Two drivers might eye an open spot at the same time and head for it rather than paying attention to other car.
  • Pulling through an empty space — Instead of going in reverse, some motorists choose to pull forward through an open space on their way out of a parking lot. Others cut across spaces, surprising drivers who are staying within the pathways.

Our Florida car accident law firm will take quick action to determine what led to your parking lot collision and press for a verdict or settlement that reimburses you for medical costs, lost income and other harm linked to your accident.

Injuries that can happen in a parking lot

A vehicle crash, pedestrian collision or slip and fall in a parking lot could leave you with broken bones, a traumatic brain injury and other serious medical conditions. Whether you’re in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Tamarac or somewhere else in Broward County, we take on insurance companies and negligent defendants to help you pursue payment that covers the short- and long-term costs associated with your injury. This includes catastrophic cases where extended care and home modifications are required.

How is fault determined for a parking lot accident in Fort Lauderdale?

Assessing fault in a parking lot accident case might require a detailed review of the facts. If you were hit by someone else’s car, you might not only have a claim against the driver, but also a potential premises liability action against the parking lot owner if poor lighting or signage contributed to the collision. Under Florida’s comparative negligence rule, multiple parties might be liable for damages and you can still collect compensation even if you were partly at fault for your injury.

What to do following a parking lot accident

If you’ve been hurt in a parking lot accident and do not require immediate medical attention, there are measures you can take to improve your chances of recovering fair compensation, such as:

  • Reporting the incident immediately to the owner or manager of the parking lot
  • Notifying the police and obtaining a copy of their report if you were hurt in a vehicle accident
  • Taking photographs of the scene and the condition of the parking lot’s surface
  • Collecting contact information for any witnesses who saw what happened
  • Seeking a medical evaluation as soon as possible

After the shock of a parking lot collision or fall, it’s tempting to argue with the person you blame for your injury, but remember that you cannot win your case at the scene and might say something that could be used against you.

Contact a Florida lawyer for a free consultation if you’ve been in a parking lot accident

Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. represents South Florida residents of Deerfield Beach, Sunrise and other Broward County communities in personal injury litigation stemming from parking lot accidents. To set up a free initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys at our Fort Lauderdale office, please call (954) 463-0585 or contact us online.


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