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Florida attorneys protect the rights of patients injured due to medication error

Doctors and pharmacists must consider many details about your condition and medical history before prescribing medication. When their failure to do so causes more injury instead of healing it, a knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale prescription drug error lawyer at Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. has the skills and resources needed to help pursue all compensation needed to pay for additional treatment and other expenses.

Common doctor and pharmacy prescription errors cause serious health issues

Any number of individuals can be responsible for negative reactions to drugs, which occur too frequently. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adverse drug events cause about 700,000 emergency department visits annually. The following are examples of negligent medical actions that can cause serious injuries:

  • Improper medication: Patients taking the wrong drug are exposed to the risk of serious side effects or other adverse reactions. Incorrect diagnosis can lead doctors to prescribing improper medication, pharmacies to deliver the wrong prescription, or busy nurses to administer them to patients in the hospital.
  • Wrong dosage: Doctors need to consider patient weight to determine the right dosage to prescribe. Too little medication fails to heal, but too much can cause serious reactions. Of course, even when doctors prescribe correctly, pharmacies or hospital personnel can make serious errors.
  • Allergic reactions: A careful review of patient history is essential in ensuring a patient has no allergies to certain medications that can cause serious injuries or even wrongful death. The primary responsibility for avoiding allergic reactions typically falls with the prescribing doctor.
  • Drug interactions: Any patient may already take one or more prescriptions prior to receiving treatment for a new condition. Some drugs can cause other drugs to be ineffective, and other drug interactions can cause serious reactions. While doctors need to check medical records, they also need to ask questions to make sure they can effectively prescribe the right drugs. In some cases, pharmacies can share some liability when these issues arise.

Prescription errors are serious mistakes. They often represent a serious form of medical malpractice that requires dedicated legal assistance. The board-certified trial lawyers at Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. understand the complex Florida laws governing any form of malpractice. We address every detail to help develop effective claims on behalf of our clients.

Dangerous prescription drugs can lead to serious or deadly side effects

Doctors need to carefully weigh the risk of harm against the benefits of every drug they prescribe. However, in some cases, drug manufacturers may fail to report newly discovered patient reactions or otherwise fail to warn. In many cases, a doctor correctly prescribes a dangerous drug based on all known information, but a negligent pharmaceutical company has ultimate liability for patient reactions. At Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A., we understand the complex issues in these cases, and we help level the playing field between patients and the powerful companies they must go against to pursue their rights.

Contact us to learn how an experienced Fort Lauderdale prescription drug error lawyer can help

Identifying the source of a prescription error requires thorough investigation and analysis, and more than one party can be liable. When you schedule a free initial consultation at Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A., you benefit from a firm with more than four decades of experience dedicated to the rights of injured patients. We take calls 24/7, offer flexible hours for a free consultation, and we can meet with you in our convenient downtown office, at home or in the hospital. We take cases on a contingency-fee basis, so you pay no attorney fees until we obtain an award or settlement for your case. Contact us online, or call us at (954) 463-0585 today.


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