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Sensitive personalized support for families facing the loss of a loved one because of negligence

Losing a loved one because another party failed to take a reasonable degree of care is perhaps the most emotionally charged experience any family can experience. Nothing can replace the role a family member played in your life, but a wrongful death action can alleviate the financial burden.

When the negligent or even criminal acts of another party cause a death, survivors have the right to pursue certain damages, including funeral expenses, the costs of medical care, and the anticipated loss of financial and emotional support. The board-certified Fort Lauderdale wrongful death attorneys at Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. have the skills to pursue full compensation for your loss and the sensitivity to take care of the details so you have time to grieve.

Understanding the difference between accidental and wrongful death in Florida

Although people use the terms wrongful death and accidental death interchangeably, the terms have notably different meanings from a legal point of view:

  • Accidental death is a broad term related to death caused by virtually any type of accident, regardless of who is liable for the incident. Family members may have the right to pursue benefits if the person carries insurance coverage for this type of loss, but they do not automatically have grounds for a wrongful death action.
  • Wrongful death, on the other hand, can be the result of any wrongful act by another party, for example, when a loved one dies because of someone else’s negligence.

Sections 768.16 through 768.26 of the Florida Statutes form the Florida Wrongful Death Act. The legislative intent of this Act is to shift the losses sustained by survivors to wrongdoers who cause the death of a loved one.

Common causes of wrongful death in Fort Lauderdale

One way to understand wrongful death is by looking at some of the common causes, as follows:

  • A driver whose negligent actions causes a car accident that results in the death of another person
  • Medical practitioners who fail to observe a reasonable standard of care, causing the death of a patient due to medical malpractice
  • A manufacturer whose poorly made helmet results in death when a bicyclist sustains catastrophic injury to the head

Contact our Fort Lauderdale wrongful death attorneys for the sensitive legal help you need after losing a loved one in an accident

No one wants to address legal issues after suffering the unexpected loss of a family member. However, when the negligent or wrongful act of other parties causes a loss, experienced legal support can be vital.

The compassionate Fort Lauderdale wrongful death attorneys at Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. provide personalized legal support and takes care of the details so you have time to heal. We take calls 24/7, offer flexible hours for a free consultation, and can meet with you in our convenient downtown Fort Lauderdale office, at home or in the hospital. We take cases on a contingency-fee basis, so you pay no attorney fees until we win or settle your case. Contact us online, or call us at (954) 463-0585 today.


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