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Florida firm helps bikers obtain compensation after a crash

The open design of motorcycles, sport dirt bikes and even all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) makes their use enjoyable in the warm Florida climate. Unfortunately, this design exposes riders to severe injuries if an accident occurs. Each Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyer at Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. strives to get you the payment you are entitled to under Florida law. Whether you suffered road rash, broken bones or a catastrophic injury, our firm has the ability and experience to secure a favorable legal result.

Florida motorcycle accident lawyers who protect your rights

Our attorneys take numerous steps to enforce the legal rights of people hurt in motorcycle accidents, such as:

  • Reviewing police reports and evidence supplied by our clients to determine the full details about the accident
  • Consulting with experts who can analyze the damage on vehicles, skid marks, weather information and road conditions at the accident scene to reconstruct how the accident occurred
  • Identifying all liable parties, possibly including drivers, manufacturers of substandard helmets, manufacturers of faulty brakes and repair shops that left either vehicle in an unsafe condition
  • Advising our clients on the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing an insurance claim, negotiating an out-of-court settlement or taking a case before a jury. However, we diligently prepare each claim and advocate on behalf of each client as if the case is going to court

Don’t hesitate to call us once you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash. We’re ready to pursue justice for you.

Typical motorcycle accident injuries in Fort Lauderdale

Though Florida law requires bikers under 21 wear helmets, riders of any age can suffer one or more of the following injuries if a collision occurs:

  • Broken bones — Multiple bones could be broken or fractured when a motorcycle is struck by a car or when the rider hits the ground. Joints such as knees, elbows and ankles can be particularly vulnerable. Severe harm could also result if the bike lands on top of the victim.
  • Head and neck injuries — No helmet can protect against all traumatic brain injuries. In some cases, symptoms can be difficult to diagnose, so you should get a prompt examination following any blow to the head.
  • Spinal cord injuries Motorcycles do not provide seat belts. Riders can be thrown great distances during collisions, often causing spinal injury, and possibly even paralysis, depending on the impact to the biker’s back.
  • Internal organ injuries — Damage to the liver, kidneys or other internal organs could have longstanding effects on the health of a motorcycle accident victim.
  • Lacerations — Sometimes referred to as “road rash,” severe cuts that occur when a biker slides across the roadway could trigger blood loss and infections.

For cases arising from these injuries and others, you can rely on us for effective, aggressive legal counsel.

Our Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorneys help determine fault

Proving fault is essential in a motorcycle accident claim. Sometimes, incorrect stereotypes about bikers can make this process more difficult, so you should retain a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney with a strong record in these types of cases. We have secured large verdicts and settlements for clients by using photographs, eyewitness testimony, expert consultants and physical evidence, such as brake marks, to create detailed narratives as to how an accident occurred. Don’t be deterred from asserting your rights even if you believe you might bear some responsibility for the crash. Partially liable plaintiffs can still receive a damage award as long as they were not more than 50 percent at fault for the accident. When liability is shared, the judgment is reduced by the plaintiff’s share of the responsibility. So if a motorcycle accident victim incurs $100,000 in damages, but was held to be 15 percent responsible because they were slightly distracted, they would receive $85,000.

Compensation for expenses from a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident

After getting hurt in a motorcycle collision caused by someone else, you can recover economic damages that reimburse you for medical costs, rehab expenses, bike repair or replacement and the effect on your current and future income. After reviewing the facts, we’ll advise as to the amount you should seek in your settlement demand. This figure will also include compensation for noneconomic damages, which include pain and suffering and the effects of any scarring or other permanent disfigurement.

What to do after a motorcycle accident in Fort Lauderdale

The moments immediately following a motorcycle crash might be the most traumatic of your life. If possible, get yourself to a safe spot away from traffic and call 911. In the event that your condition allows you to move, you might wish to take photographs of the area and gather other relevant information, such as the names of witnesses. Don’t try to “tough it out” by avoiding medical treatment. You should see a doctor as soon as possible even if you feel alright. Then contact one of our motorcycle accident attorneys to protect your legal rights. We’ll handle settlement negotiations and discussions regarding fault so your legal position is not compromised by an offhand remark.

Contact a Broward County motorcycle accident lawyer for a free consultation

Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. provides comprehensive legal support to victims of South Florida motorcycle accidents. You can reach out to us anytime to set up a free consultation about your case. We can meet in our Fort Lauderdale office or your home or hospital room if you are unable to travel. You pay no attorney fees unless you collect a financial recovery. Please call (954) 463-0585 or contact us online today.


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