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Firm Handles Claims Stemming from Inexperienced Driver-caused Truck Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

Florida lawyers assist victims of unqualified commercial vehicle operators

Various laws govern the training of commercial vehicle operators, but there still are many inexperienced driver-caused truck accidents in Fort Lauderdale. Our firm, Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A., advocates on behalf of victims throughout Broward County in a full range of vehicle collision cases. When there is a question as to whether the truck driver who triggered a crash was properly trained, we know how to locate the key information and use it to secure the compensation you need to cover healthcare expenses and other damages.

Typical accidents caused by inexperienced drivers in Broward County

Whatever injuries you suffered in a truck crash, our dedicated litigators can review whether a truck driver’s inexperience was to blame. A rear-end collision might indicate a lack of familiarity with the truck’s braking system, while a sideswipe collision caused by an unsafe lane change could stem from a truck driver’s inability to use their mirrors. Jackknifes, underrides, T-bone collisions and head-on crashes might also be traced to the fact that the person behind the wheel lacked sufficient training. Through diligent investigation and the discovery process, we can develop a complete perspective as to how the accident occurred.

Why are inexperienced drivers on the road?

To drive a big rig legally on Florida roads, a vehicle operator must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Certain types of vehicles require special endorsements so it is possible that even if the driver in your case had their CDL, they might not have been authorized to drive the truck that hit you. To get a CDL, someone must complete training that typically takes a couple of months and costs several thousand dollars. Some drivers might think they know how to control a large truck and try to skip the 320 training hours, while companies having trouble finding drivers could attempt to cut corners or costs by hiring someone who is unqualified.

Why inexperienced truck drivers cause accidents

It takes time to develop a true understanding for how a truck operates and how to maneuver a machine of that size. New commercial vehicle operators might misjudge what the proper speed is while turning or how much distance they should leave between themselves and another vehicle. Our firm’s experience handling cases stemming from Florida commercial truck accidents gives us the ability to draw a link between a driver’s lack of experience and the negligence that caused the crash.

Who is responsible for a truck accident caused by an inexperienced driver?

The fact that a commercial vehicle driver lacked the necessary training or authorization could be significant in demonstrating that they were at fault for an accident. Other parties could bear legal liability as well. For example, a trucking company that hired a driver without verifying their qualifications to do the job might owe compensation to people who were injured by that driver. You could also collect damages from a business that knowingly put an inexperienced person behind the wheel in order to save time or money.

Contact a Florida attorney if an inexperienced truck accident caused your crash

Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale represents Floridians who have been hurt in traffic accidents caused by inexperienced truck drivers. We serve clients in cities throughout Broward County, including Davie, Pompano Beach and Miramar. Please call (954) 463-0585 or contact us online to discuss your potential legal claim in a free consultation with a qualified attorney.


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