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Fort Lauderdale Attorneys Litigate Cases Arising from Multi-vehicle Accidents

South Florida lawyers pursue relief for victims of serious pileups

Some auto accident cases are relatively straightforward, but when several cars or trucks were in the collision, resolving the legal claims can be a long, arduous process. At Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A., we are accomplished Fort Lauderdale multi-vehicle accident attorneys who have obtained successful results for Floridians in all types of personal injury and wrongful death matters. Whether you live in Hollywood, Plantation, Tamarac or somewhere else in Broward County, you can count on us to outline the legal issues clearly and represent you effectively regardless of how many other parties are linked to the case.

Common types of multi-vehicle accidents in Broward County

Various circumstances can set off an accident where three or more vehicles sustain damage, such as:

  • Chain reactions caused by sudden stops — Heavy South Florida traffic means that when one car stops suddenly, it might set off a chain reaction of rear-end collisions that involve several vehicles.
  • Collisions that cut across traffic lines — Sometimes a sideswipe or another type of collision can push a vehicle into another lane, triggering a pileup.
  • Crashes after a vehicle has stalled — A car or truck that stalls or is stopped on the highway due to some other type of problem creates a serious danger as oncoming motorists might strike it or cause a multi-vehicle crash while trying to evade it.

Regardless of the specific details of your case, one of our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys will press to maximize the amount of compensation you collect in a settlement or judgment.

Top reasons multi-vehicle accidents happen in Florida

Like collisions that only involve two vehicles, multi-car accidents often result from careless or aggressive driving. Motorists who don’t take poor road conditions, inclement weather or low visibility into account might end up injuring numerous people. Speeding, tailgating and weaving between lanes also increase the likelihood of a collision involving three or more vehicles.

How is fault determined for a multi-vehicle accident in Fort Lauderdale?

It is common for parties to a vehicle accident to point the finger at each other when deciding who is at fault. As the number of parties increases, so does the likelihood of conflict regarding liability. This is particularly true when the potential damages are high due to a catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Florida’s comparative negligence law allows victims of multi-vehicle accidents to win damage awards from more than one defendant, even if the victim is partly to blame as well. Once you hire our firm, we’ll work as quickly as possible to collect and analyze the evidence so you understand your legal options and how the law applies.

Litigation of multi-car accident claims in Hollywood, Davie and other locations

Dealing with a series of insurance companies after a major accident is a challenge. Our firm knows how to negotiate with carriers and understands the tactics they use to try to avoid liability. When representing your interests, we present a thorough, well-supported case and bring in experts where necessary to address complex medical and financial issues no matter how many parties are involved. If going to trial is the best option, we are skilled courtroom advocates who have litigated highly complex personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Contact a Florida lawyer for a free consultation about your multi-vehicle accident case

Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale handles injury cases arising out of multi-vehicle collisions and other types of traffic accidents. We serve clients throughout Broward County, including in Deerfield Beach, Sunrise and Pompano Beach. Please call (954) 463-0585 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free consultation.


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