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South Florida’s hot weather draws millions of residents to public and private pools, but when the people responsible for pool safety don’t fulfill their legal duty, serious accidents can occur. Between 3,500 and 4,000 Americans drown each year, and thousands more swimmers are hurt in a variety of ways in and around pools. At Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A, we are Fort Lauderdale swimming pool accident attorneys who seek justice on behalf of plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death cases stemming from the negligence of pool owners and managers. Representing clients in Hollywood, Tamarac and other Broward County communities, we have the skill and experience to help you obtain proper compensation.

Top reasons for accidents in Fort Lauderdale swimming pools

Common accidents that occur at swimming pools include:

  • Drowning and oxygen loss — Even a short time underwater could cut oxygen off to someone’s brain long enough to inflict permanent damage. In just a few minutes, a swimmer who is unable to breathe can become the victim of a fatal drowning.
  • Impact injuries when water is not deep enough Jumping or diving into water that is not sufficiently deep is very dangerous and can even cause paralysis. Whether the pool is at a public facility or in someone’s backyard, water depth and areas where diving is not allowed should be clearly marked.
  • Diving board accidents For some, going off the diving board is the best part of their day at the pool. However, a board that is defective, in poor repair or situated improperly is a serious hazard.
  • Falls on slippery surfaces Accidents can occur outside the pool as well. If you’ve fallen on a slick surface and gotten hurt, an experienced Florida slip and fall lawyer can advise you of your legal options.
  • Overcrowding – Pools that are overcrowded can become dangerous due to collisions and entrapments.
  • Alcohol or substance abuse incidents – Use of alcohol or drugs can impair judgment and reaction times leading to drowning or serious falls.

Regardless of the particular events that prompted your swimming pool accident claim, our experience handling Florida personal injury and wrongful death claims will increase your chances for a successful legal outcome.

Common injuries suffered around Fort Lauderdale swimming pools

Injuries that occur at the pool can include broken limbs, concussions, cuts, bruises and other types of medical conditions caused by blunt impact. Oxygen deprivation or spinal cord damage could result in lifelong harm for the victim. In the most tragic cases, carelessness around the pool might be fatal if a person cannot be rescued before drowning.

Why so many swimming pool accidents occur throughout Florida?

Serious swimming accidents can occur in any type of pool. Facilities that are open to a large number of people often take various steps to limit the danger by hiring trained lifeguards, keeping safety rings nearby and enforcing rules about behavior inside and outside the water. Still, these locations can be dangerous when lifeguards fail to pay attention or proper maintenance is not performed. It can be even more dangerous in a backyard pool as key precautions are overlooked in private settings and people occasionally combine swimming with alcohol and other distractions.

Who is liable for a swimming pool accident in Fort Lauderdale?

To recover damages in a Florida negligence case, you must show that the defendant violated their legal duty to the victim by failing to use reasonable care. Often, the liable parties are the owners of the property where the pool is situated, but others can bear legal responsibility as well, including maintenance providers, staffing companies and manufacturers.

Common examples of liability in swimming pool accidents include:

  • Failure to provide emergency safety equipment
  • Unmarked pool depth (too shallow to dive)
  • Lack of signage to prevent accidents
  • Inadequate lifeguards present
  • Lifeguards who are not training or trained improperly
  • Pool equipment in disrepair (ladders, diving boards, drains)
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Failure to enforce safety rules

You can count on us to conduct a thorough investigation so you can receive the compensation you deserve for medical costs, lost income and other expenses linked to the accident.

Questions frequently asked of our Fort Lauderdale swimming pool accident attorneys

Who is most at risk in Fort Lauderdale swimming pool accidents?

Typically children who are small or inexperienced swimmers are most at risk of accident and require the most supervision. Waves, pool toys, and crowds can all impact a child’s stability even if they are a good swimmer.

Do you need a lawyer for a Fort Lauderdale swimming pool accident?

If you or someone you know has been injured in a swimming pool accident, there may be substantial costs and long term recovery involved. Having an experienced personal injury attorney familiar with Florida’s laws will help make sure a victim’s costs are covered.

How can Fort Lauderdale swimming pool accidents be avoided?

There are many things pool owners can do to help avoid accidents. Making sure a pool has proper fencing to control access is critical. Learning CPR, proper maintenance and avoiding alcohol will all help limit accidents and injury.

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