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Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Florida

Fort Lauderdale firm seeks payment for victims of commercial vehicle crashes

From the moment you’ve been injured in a crash involving a large truck, the medical costs start to mount. At a time like this, you need a Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorney who doesn’t need any time to get up to speed on the issues in your case. At Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A., we have a strong track record in these types of claims and are deeply familiar with the common causes of truck accidents in Broward County and elsewhere throughout Florida. Our firm is dedicated to helping you and other accident victims collect the payment needed to cover medical bills, lost wages, rehab costs and to compensate for pain and suffering.

Experienced lawyers advise on main causes of truck accidents in Broward

Drawing on decades of experience advocating on behalf of Florida clients, our lawyers possess detailed knowledge regarding the common causes of truck accidents in the state, including:

  • Speeders — A commercial vehicle operator who is trying to beat a deadline or make up for lost time might exceed the posted speed limit. Tractor-trailer drivers need to be especially careful with their rate of travel, because a sudden stop could lead to a jackknife or another type of crash.
  • Aggressive drivers — Semi trucks are much larger and heavier than the passenger vehicles they share the road with. When the person behind the wheel tries to exploit this advantage by driving in an overly aggressive manner, the outcome could be tragic.
  • Distracted drivers — Truckers spend a lot of time on the road and there are more potential distractions than ever to divert their attention. Even taking a split second to look at a phone, grab something to eat or look at something outside could trigger a collision.
  • Inexperienced drivers — Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License takes hundreds of hours of training because operating a big rig correctly is complicated. Still, inexperienced truck drivers continue to populate South Florida highways and streets.
  • Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs — Whether a truck driver has had too much to drink, is affected by medication or using a controlled substance, they should not be on the road if they are impaired in any way.
  • Drowsy drivers — Special regulations exist to prevent commercial vehicle operators from experiencing fatigue behind the wheel. However, time pressure or other circumstances could lead someone to keep their rig going despite the fact that they are dangerously drowsy.
  • Poor road conditions — Potholes, slick road surfaces and other hazardous conditions could cause a semi-truck or other type of large vehicle to careen out of control. In these cases, expert testimony might be required to show that the government authority or private contractor was negligent.
  • Defective parts — If a truck has bad brakes or another part that fails at the wrong time, it could set off a chain of events that end up causing a catastrophic injury. When a defective part is to blame for a collision, the manufacturer should be held accountable.
  • Poor maintenance — Fleet owners have a duty to see that their trucks are properly maintained and suitable for use on public roadways. Inspection records and other evidence could be used in an accident claim to prove that necessary safety measures were not taken.
  • Weather and visibility — Safe operation of a big rig demands that adjustments be made when weather and visibility conditions are less than optimal.

No matter what contributed to the crash that injured you or killed a loved one, working with a proven Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorney gives you the best chance to secure maximum compensation for the harm you suffered.

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