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Broward lawyers advocate for victims of tired commercial vehicle operators

All drivers must be sharp while driving on South Florida roads. This responsibility is even more serious for someone who is behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle that is capable of inflicting devastating damage during a crash. Drawing on decades of legal experience, Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. handles cases arising from fatigue-related truck accidents in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding communities, such as Weston, Tamarac and Sunrise. Whether an overworked driver crossed into your lane and sideswiped you, missed a red light, hit you head-on or hit you another way, we will pursue appropriate payment for you.

Causes of truck driver fatigue in Florida

Various factors can result in a situation where a truck driver is too fatigued to control their vehicle properly, including:

  • Irregular hours and night driving to avoid heavy traffic
  • Pressure to meet delivery deadlines and to get home
  • Reliance on coffee, drugs or substances that give a quick boost, but don’t offer lasting relief
  • Pay that relies on the number of jobs completed and miles driven
  • Desire to make up for lost time following a delay

Regardless of what actually happened, the commercial vehicle operator in your case might claim that they were not tired at all when the crash occurred. This is why it is critical to hire an accomplished Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorney who can present a compelling argument based on the evidence at hand.

What are the effects of fatigue on driving a truck?

When you’re tired, it affects your ability to control a vehicle in numerous ways. Drowsy truck drivers might not see the road as well because their vision is blurry or their eyelids are droopy. Reaction time is slower for a sleep-deprived person, and even a split-second difference could be the difference between a severe injury and a near miss. Failure to get proper rest also could weaken one’s mental ability and judgment. However the truck driver’s fatigue manifested itself in your case, our firm will advocate for a legal resolution that makes the vehicle operator and other negligent parties pay for the harm that was done.

Dangers of truck driver fatigue

Any collision involving a big rig presents a significant risk of catastrophic injury and death. Sleepy drivers often don’t brake in time, which can trigger a rear-end collision or jackknifed tractor-trailer. Drifting off the road or into a guardrail could endanger vehicles in multiple lanes, while missing a red light or stop sign is a primary cause of T-bone crashes. Whether your case arises from of these types of truck accidents or something else, you can rely on us to use all of our resources and strive to hold the drowsy driver, their employer or any other defendants liable.

Investigating a truck accident caused by driver fatigue

Most large commercial vehicles are equipped with an event data recorder (EDR) that contains detailed information about a truck’s operation. Evidence showing that the driver logged excess hours or failed to take evasive action prior to the collision could point to fatigue as a contributing cause. Our firm uses this data along with receipts, photographs, video footage and physical evidence such as brake marks to prove that a truck driver was too tired to drive safely.

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Fazio, DiSalvo & Abers, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale advocates on behalf of South Florida victims who have been injured by fatigued truck drivers. We serve clients in Hollywood, Pembroke Pines and other Broward County locations. Please call (954) 463-0585 or contact us online to discuss your potential legal claim in a free consultation with one of our qualified attorneys.


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